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Step 1 - Start Please choose currency
Number of washes a day (average)
Number of working days per month
Number of washes per month
Step 2 - Monthly Income
Wash and Dry price
Total Monthly Income
Indirect Income (food, accessories, gasoline, etc.).
We expect additional 20-30% average growth
Step 3 - Monthly Expense


Cost per Detergent Bucket  
Cost per Water Wax Bucket

Each bucket holds for 1,000-1,200 washes
Cost per wash $


Power Consumption kW
Cost per Hour

For 3.5 minutes of wash:
Cost per wash $


Water Consumption Liter
Cost per cubic foot (ft3)
For wash usage:
Cost per wash $
Step 4 - Total
Total Monthly Expense = $
Total Monthly Profit = $